My Story


I started with nothing.

No business skills.   No tools.  No money.

But I had this dream and a burning desire to succeed, so twenty years ago I set up a home decor shop and sold lovely things to lovely people.

Meanwhile, life was marching on.  First I lost my mother, then my brother.  For seven long years my daughter was bedridden with an illness I was powerless to overcome.

But I had the shop and work became my salvation.

Oh, I made every mistake possible.

Some cost time.  Some costs cash - a lot of it.  But I learned from all of them and was able to build that little shop into a multiple six-figure business.

Now I'm on a mission to help one million women business owners build profitable businesses so they can help more people and build the lives they love!


Here's a taste of one of my live events .... 

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