My Story


I started with nothing.

No business skills.   No tools.  No money.

But I had this dream and a burning desire to succeed, so twenty years ago I set up a home decor shop and sold lovely things to lovely people.

Meanwhile, life was marching on.  First I lost my mother, then my brother.  For seven long years my daughter was bedridden with an illness I was powerless to overcome.

But I had the shop and work became my salvation.

blue sweater close up.jpg

Oh, I made every mistake possible.

Some cost time.  Some costs cash - a lot of it.  But I learned from all of them and was able to build that little shop into a multiple six-figure business.

But that wasn't my first business!  My first business was service based and it was also profitable.  I've also grown 2 network marketing businesses.  Each time, I started a business it took courage, guts and lots of learning.  And oh yes -- cash flow.

So why do I tell you this?  Because my 30 years building and growing  profitable small businesses is what gives me the knowledge to help you!  I know what it's like to be in your shoes -- asking yourself if you'll ever make the kind of money you dreamt of making!

And yes -- I figured out a few things along the way.  



79% of self-employed Canadian women earn less than $22,000 a year!

Only 3% earn over $100,000 per year!


It's time to change those figures.   

Even though we probably haven't met, I probably know a lot about you!

I know that you have a burning desire to succeed but right now you're feeling a little lost, perhaps even a little overwhelmed.  You might even be at a crossroads; having trouble figuring out which way to turn.  Starting your business hasn't quite turned out the way you thought it would have ... and perhaps your business hasn't grown as quickly as you had hoped.

You were pretty sure that you could do this on your own -- you're smart!    Whatever you do -- you are great at it.  In fact, your clients tell you!  You went to school and learned how to be a skilled professional -- your patients get such relief.  You studied and you learned.  Eventually opened your own practise/business. You love helping others. 

But here's the thing -- you suddenly realized that you have to become involved and learn about SALES and MARKETING. However, that's not why you started your business!

But you've run into some road blocks ... and you want more money in your bank account and more freedom!

I totally understand.  Let's talk!  

HERE's the process .... follow the steps 1, 2, 3

STEP 1 -- APPLY today for a 30-minute FREE Money & Marketing Breakthrough Strategy Session by answering a by clicking here.

STEP 2 - DECIDE what you WANT from coaching - you can explore these options with Diana during your Money & Marketing Breakthru Session.

  • is it mainly accountability? Then frequency is important
  • is it creating a road map for your marketing?  Then planning is important.
  • is it goal setting & goal achieving that's important?  Then visioning, clarity and performance is important.
  • do you like working 1-1 or would you prefer to keep your business private?  Would you enjoy masterminding with 1 or 2 others

      Whether it's 1-1 coaching; semi-private coaching; or small group coaching such as the Achiever's Club -- it's your decision.

 STEP 3  -  Get started!  The sooner you get started; the quicker your results (more clients & more free time!)

    It's time to stop burning the candle at both ends.  You can have both a business you love and a life you want when you grow your business by design!  It's time to learn some new skills, put the pieces of the puzzle together into a strategy (a plan), implement the plan and get personalized feedback.  When you do this -- amazing things will happen.  You'll stop working long hours without earning your value; you'll have time to spend with family & friends; and you'll finally have money in your bank account to create your dream lifestyle.  It's all possible.

    BTW -  I'm on a mission to help one million women business owners build profitable businesses so they can help more people and build the lives they love!  Will you be one of them?