• Imagine ... feeling in control of your business because you have a roadmap and you know where you are headed.
  • Imagine ... never feeling alone because you'll be part of a community whose support & input will encourage you.
  • Imagine ... feeling confident handling those business challenges because you've had specific coaching on specific biz skills
  • Imagine ... getting the results you want because you are staying focused on money-making activities to build momentum & profit
  • Imagine ... making more money because you created profitable programs, raised your rates and focused your marketing to your dream client.                      


Purpose of Achievers Club    

  • Creating clients is the #1 focus
  • Clarifying your marketing message, your dream client, your  preferred marketing method
  •  Building a Revenue Roadmap so that you know where to focus your efforts
  • Implementing a Simplified Marketing Schedule
  • Reviewing & revising your plan on a regular basis
  • Being held accountable on a regular basis
  • Brainstorming with other like-minded business owners who are committed to growing their businesses
  • Feeling the support & inspiration from other members!



What can you expect?

Build a REVENUE ROADMAP for $5k or $10K a month by crafting a solid marketing platform ensuring that all of your programs, sales conversations, workshops, talks and services are appealing to your Dream Client

Become a 'Master' marketer by creating compelling message that has your dream client easily saying YES to your programs and sending referrals.

Implement the '5-P' Proven Formula:

  • Programs that Sell
  • Profitable Consultations/Discovery Session
  • Practical Simplified Marketing Schedule
  • Perfect Sales Conversations
  • Proven Revenue Road Map

Be part of a community that keeps you accountable & focussed on money-making activities rather than bright shiny objects!


This 6-month VIRTUAL group program is for you if:

  1. you are truly committed to growing your business (it's not for the faint-hearted)
  2. you want to learn to prioritize & set goals and then take specific action to achieve those goals
  3. you want answers to your most pressing business problems
  4. you would feel part of a community and learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs
  5. you are ready to move outside your comfort zone and do things differently
  6. you are ready to get clear (and specific) about what you really truly want from your business


Program Details:

  • Includes a 2-day LIVE Marketing Magic intensive (scheduled for May 4 & 5 Ottawa) to build your clear & concise marketing platform (Value $1500)
  • Accountability Calls are virtual at 9am.  Eastern on Thursdaystwice a month. (Value $1000) (additional times may be added)
  • Teaching Calls are once a month; 9am Eastern on Thursdays once a month
  • Dates:   April 27 
  • Group coaching (approx. 6 per group) for lots of individual attention
  • Accountability calls are approximately 60 -  90 minutes with each person receiving  10-15 minutes one-one hot seat, focused coaching.
  • Each member will be asked to set (and share) a specific actionable goals every week
  • Calls are recorded so that you can listen to them over and over or if you happen to miss a call.
  • Access to the G.P.S. Success Library (collection of pdf's, mp3's, excel spreadsheets, templates and done-for-you scripts on topics ranging from sales conversations, how to create newsletters; crafting your "OMG, I want to work with you" message; tips to improve your website; checklists on business 'must haves'; time management; how to get raving referrals, etc. etc.)  (Value $2000+)
  • Facebook Group where your questions, successes and challenges can be shared (Diana answers all questions!!)


BONUSES when you register with ONE-Payment:

  • 30 minute private coaching session with Diana
  • A copy of new GPS ebook - G.P.S. SMART GOAL SETTING.
  • Free ticket to G.P.S. Live events -   upcoming Fall Event
  • Downloadable  G.P.S. Tool Box and updates  (Value $197)   sent to you immediately upon your registration!!!


Here's what past participants have said:

When I started working with Diana, I had lots of clients but wasn’t making the profit that I had hoped.  I was also working longer hours that I wanted.  By focusing my efforts on my ideal client and clarifying my marketing message, I was soon able to increase my company profits overall.    Julie Leduc, Accountant


Working with Diana has been the reason why I now have great clients who pay me well for my work.  Diana taught me that working by the hour wasn’t going to allow my business to grow in the long term so we created packages for my new clients and increased my fees.  Amazing!  Thanks Diana  Emily, bookkeeper

When I met Diana, I had just spent a year recovering from an injury during which time I wasn’t working my Arbonne business.  Truthfully, I was paralyzed by fear and generally felt “lost”. Being a part of the Achievers Club has not only given me back my confidence but kept me accountable to my personal goals. And, it has provided the platform to coaching my existing Team and my future Leaders in Arbonne.  They say we become like the five people we spend the most amount of time with … I’m grateful to be surrounding myself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve greatness in all areas of their life with the Achievers Club.  Brenda Birch, Arbonne International


I could say that since our work together these have been the greatest benefits:

  • Knowing what tasks to focus on at this stage of development in my business; ie. not the time to be writing a book or doing group programs, which has reduced my stress of having to do it all now
  • The confidence to raise my rates and make more money
  • I have started an e-mail list with Mailchimp to get my message out to more people
  • Met some very helpful and supportive people in the Achiever’s Club group
  • Has helped me create momentum in attracting more clients to my practice 

Francesca Law of Attraction Coach


When I first met Diana, I didn’t really have a business – it was more like a hobby.  Diana not only showed me how to be an EXPERT but she believed in me. I’ll admit it, it was a slow process but today I have a real business.  By specializing and focusing on my niche,  I’m now a sought after speaker at national conferences.   Nathalie Pedicelli, Metamorphoses


I worked with Diana for less than 90-days; I got clear on my ideal client, my marketing message and my pricing and then doubled my revenue! Antonia Carboni, Bookkeeper