5 Reasons NOT to send Christmas cards to your clients!!!

Really !  If you haven't sent cards to your customers (and prospects) then STOP everything and do it now!  Here are 5 reasons ...

REASON #1 - Your customers hate receiving cards of appreciation in the mail!  In truth, don't you LOVE going to the post box and receiving an unexpected greeting card especially if it contains a personal note.  So do your customers!

REASON #2 - Sending greeting cards is old-fashioned!  No one does it any more.  If you want to be different than everyone else, then perhaps being a little old-fashioned will make you stand out from your competition!!!

 Sending Holiday Greeting Cards is GOOD!

Sending Holiday Greeting Cards is GOOD!

REASON #3 - Sending Christmas cards in the mail is time consuming.  How much time are your customers worth?  They gave you both time & money - spending a little time to show your appreciation is only polite! 

REASON #4 - Mailing Christmas cards is expensive - the cost of cards and postage!!  And of course, if you count the time involved!  Aren't your customers worth 63 cents?

REASON #5 - Email is faster than Christmas cards.  True; however, how many seconds does it take to DELETE an email?  Email greeting just doesn't last.  A greeting card has a much longer effect - you are surprised to receive it in the mail; you open it; you put it on the mantle or your desk; and often, if they are really good ones, then you often keep it around for perhaps days or weeks!

So here's the thing - if any of these reasons are your excuse for not sending Christmas (or any holiday card) to your customers -- get over it!  Your customers want to hear from you especially if you are perceived as caring and appreciative! (Tip - if you would like to learn about how send out your Holiday cards quickly, efficiently and affordability -- let me know and I'll introduce you to the BEST ever tool for keeping in touch with customers, family & friends).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one & all!