Bright shiny objects

For many years, I owned a successful home-decor store.  I loved helping my customers.  Often, they would come in looking for something in particular but be distracted by 'bright shiny objects' and end up leaving without making a purchasing decision.  So I learned, it's important to keep a focus.

 Stay on target - avoid bright shiny objects!

Stay on target - avoid bright shiny objects!

So my question is .... are you distracted by shiny objects?  Or do you have a true focus?  How do you make decisions in your business?  Are they based on budget?  time? etc.?  What if you had a clear, written business vision statement and you based all your decisions as to whether they were in alignment with your vision -- this would make decisions-making much easier!

The same is true for marketing!  Don't get distracted by the newest & brightest shiny object.  Have a goal - a focus and base your marketing decisions against it.  Decisions was to where to start, what marketing tool to use, etc. will become MUCH easier. 

So Reason #4 why marketing is so difficult --- lack of focus!  Pretend marketing is a road trip -- what is your G.P.S.?  Do you know your Goals, Perfect Client, and Strategy?  If you know these 3 things, it will keep you focussed and your marketing will be successful!