Is it scheduled?

I knew this would be my blog topic.  I talked about it yesterday during my workshop and the reaction was "REALLY" -- "You got to be kidding".

I mentioned it in my mastermind this morning and it got the same reaction!  Then I started to write my newsletter ... and my fingers just typed it!

So ... have you scheduled your VACATION for this coming year?  Have you set aside time in your calendar - blocked it out ?  And not just one week this winter to escape to a warmer place (although my God we need it here in Montreal!!).  But what about time this summer?  What about time just to be you?

Here's what I know for sure ... 

  • if you don't put it in the calendar (agenda) IT WON'T HAPPEN!
  • if you don't take time to re-charge, your batteries will run down and you won't be any good for anyone -- not your business, not your family, not yourself!
  • it's like the airline's commentary about putting on the oxygen mask -- you've got to put it on yourself first so that you can be ready to help others!
  • if you don't take time to re-charge -- you will burn out (been there; done that and got too many t-shirts!!).  I learned the hard way and I don't want you too!

So please -- take out your agenda (whether it's paper or electronic).  MARK off at least 2 weeks vacation.

Now be really bold ... step out side your comfort zone ... and schedule AT LEAST ONE DAY a quarter (that's 4 days during the year) to work on your biz -- call them focus days; CEO days; or budgeting days; team days!  

PERFECT ... now doesn't that feel good!!!!  For other feel good (feel in charge) tips, join me this coming Tues & Thurs for my webinar - Creating your 2015 Road Map!!!  Click here.  Then you will really feel good!!

Wanting you to grow, prosper & shine in 2015!