Diagnosed your business .... answer Yes or No to the following:

  1. Do you have all the clients you want?  or need?
  2. Do you have an effective follow-up system?
  3. Are you trying to learn more than 3 marketing methods (strategies) at once?
  4. Are you consistent in your marketing?
  5. When you explain what you do, who you do it for, and the results you get -- do you use language that a 7-year old could understand?
  6. Are you marketing to a very specific niche?  target market?
  7. When someone asks you 'What do you do?" -- do you have a clear and concise answer that gets a response like ... "OMG, I need that" or "I know someone who could use that".?
  8. Does your marketing message talk about how you stand out from others in your field (your competition)? 
  9. Do prospects tell you that your blog, newsletter, etc. seems to speak directly to them?  Seems like you wrote it specifically for them?
  10. Do you have the FREEDOM in your business you desire?  (time or money)

If you answered NO to any of the above questions -- then perhaps you're marketing could use a tune-up!


CURE what ails your marketing & your business....

Marketing - either good or bad - ripples through your business into your website copy, your marketing materials, your workshop titles, EVERYTHING!!!  STOP your marketing mayhem!  Getting your marketing right is the first step to creating consistent income and even bigger impact!!



The doctor has a cure ...  MARKETING MAGIC MASTERMIND is the 2-day live workshop with Diana that will cure what ails your marketing so that you can not only market effectively but monetize and maximize your business!!


May 4-5   Montreal                       May 11-12 Ottawa                       May 15-16 Brockville Area

If you're ready to drive LOTS MORE CLIENTS to your door by learning to master your marketing -- then enrol today!

ENROL TODAY, space is filling up fast,  if you're excited to learn how to:

  1. build a clear and concise marketing platform with a clear compelling message that ripples through your business
  2. attract more clients with sales language that your target market understands so that you can create juicy titles for your calls to action; your compelling offers; your signature talks, your workshops, etc.
  3. increase your client attractor factors by expressing your unique selling proposition and translating your compelling message into your website, social media, business cards, flyers, brochures and other marketing methods!


2 hour, concise, online version of MARKETING MAGIC

In this option, you do the homework in the workbook -- the same workbook that the Mastermind attendees received!

Come to the ZOOM classroom and get hot-seat coaching, get your questions answered and try out your new marketing message!

Date - Thursday - June 8th; 11:00 

Once you've paid your registration fee, you'll get your workbook and the link for the Zoom Classroom!

I'm excited to be offering this to you!



Just as a reminder ... here are the TOP 3 KILLER MARKETING MISTAKES that are stopping you from earning $5K or $10K monthly.

#3.  You are marketing to everyone!  You're nervous to pick a niche or target market!  But the truth is that a fox can't chase 2 rabbits ... successfully.  Just because you marketing to one niche, doesn't prevent you from 'selling' to others!  When you market to one target market, believe me, life gets so much easier!

#2.  You chose your marketing method (method of distribution) before you clarified your message!  This is a HUGE newbie marketer mistake which I've heard hundreds of times .... I'll get my website up then I'll choose my niche; I'll create my business card then I'll work on my target market.  Friends -- that's putting the cart before the horse!  (Actually, here's my blog by that title).

#1.  Your marketing message is fuzzy and unclear.  Not only do you ramble on and on when someone asks "What do you do?" but you also leave them with this bewildered look on their face!!!  You see if your message isn't clear -- then it ripples right through the rest of your business.  Unclear program and workshop titles so you have to work really, really hard to just put a couple of people into them!  An unclear message leaves prospects unclear about what you do and it means missed sales opportunities! 


 It's the FIRST STEP to creating a business with consistent and sustainable sales (yup - money)!