Are you tired of not having the level of success you know that you are worthy of achieving?

When you started your business a few years ago, you had a dream -- a dream to make money, to change people's lives, and to have time freedom to do the things you love or with the important people in your life.  My guess is that if you've found your way to this page, things haven't quite worked out the way you wanted or planned!  

You're spending too many hours working in your business and not getting the financial reward you wanted.  Your loved ones are worrying about your health because they think you might be headed towards burn out.  Perhaps you're even wondering what to do next because what you have tried so far hasn't given you the success you wanted!  You're feeling frustrated and wish you knew the answer.

The Solution is To .....  grow your business by design!

  • create a BIG vision for the future of your business, build strategic plan (revenue roadmap) to achieve that dream and then implement that plan -- when you do this, you know exactly where you are headed and what you need to do each and every day!
  • structure your business so that you will have more time & money FREEDOM so that you won't burn out & so you'll have both the time and money to do the things you've always wanted (IT IS POSSIBLE)!
  • double or triple your sales even though it seems impossible the way your business is currently structured

Building a business by DESIGN takes strategic thinking.  It takes doing things differently than you have done in the past.  It takes getting out of your comfort zone and, yes, that can be a little scary!  

It's true ....  not every business owner wants to grow.  But if you are one of those who genuinely does .... then read on.  Whether your dream is to make more money, spend more time with your loved ones, travel the world or do all three, I'm here to help you turn those dreams into reality. 

Perhaps you remember what life was like before there was G.P.S.?  before google maps?  When people still used paper maps?  Perhaps you can't imagine navigating today through a city or taking a road trip without using those tools?  Without punching in your starting point and your destination?  

So why do we think we can build our businesses without a GPS; without a plan?  Without a roadmap, we tend to wander aimlessly being distracted by bright shiny objects; never certain if we are taking the right turn or if we are making any progress!  

Building a successful business is like going on a long road trip to a place you probably haven't visited before -- not only does it that take courage, persistence and patience but it also requires a map, a GPS, a strategy.

Diana Lidstone is your Entrepreneur's GPS.  She will work with you to create your revenue roadmap so that

  • your marketing actually brings you not just more clients but better clients
  • you create your BIG vision for your business so that you have focus and you'll know exactly what to say yes to and what to say NO to every day
  • you learn the necessary skills (not just any skills - but those skills you need today) so you won't be wasting time, money and energy in the wrong areas
  • you get back that FREEDOM that you wanted so desperately when you started your business but that seems to have escaped you currently by learning how to leverage and delegate so that you work on those activities that you are REALLY good at doing


Imagine ... making a SHIFT in how you think about yourself & your business so that you are playing FULL OUT & living to your fullest potential

  • ... having more confidence in yourself and your ability to handle any business challenge by learning the necessary business skills to handle those challenges.
  • ... having that road map so that you aren't being detoured (or chasing bright shiny objects)
  • .... having clarity to easily make decisions and to commit to the right kind of action that ultimately lead to your success. ...
  • ...having the BOTH the time and the money to spend with loved ones and the time to do what you want, when you want.
  •  ... how amazing it would feel to know that you would be getting the training, guidance and personal attention to help you get the DESIRED RESULTS you want so desperately.


Diana's  role as a coach is to hold your vision for growth; to support you; and to guide you. She wants you to be one of the ONE MILLION business entrepreneurs that she helps BELIEVE in themselves to build a profitable business so that you can help more people with your special gift and so that you can live the life you truly want & deserve!

If you're ready to stop working so hard with very little to show for it, then your next decision is to book a  Business Breakthrough Strategy call with me (  

During your Business Breakthrough call, we'll uncover 5 things that are stopping you from turning your dream into a reality, and the number one thing you can do to make your business outrageously successful.  Book your call now.  Let's do this!