Entrepreneurs who make 10 x more -- don't work 10 x harder!


It's time to stop the insanity!!!  It's time to stop working so friggin hard every single day, week, month and year and still not have the money in the bank that you want!

If you're frustrated selling low ticket programs or offers....

If you're fed up with people giving you all kinds of objections to your offers....

If you can't wait to hop off the cash flow roller coaster....

If you're tired of hearing about others who conquered the illusive 6-figures while you still haven't....

Then join me for SHIFT.  

I believe that you are good enough to be paid what you're worth!  

I believe it more than you do!  

So let's change things up here.


SHIFT - quote.png

During this workshop type day, you'll discover 3 things that might be getting in the way of your 'profitability':

  1. sabotaging money beliefs
  2. under valuing your worth
  3. where & how you are spending your time!


AND we'll talk about:

  • 5 BIG pricing mistakes guaranteed to hurt your biz
  • 5 signs it might be time to raise your rates
  • money myths that could be holding yo back
  • how to double your rates (yup  DOUBLE) and do it with integrity
  • secrets to creating a business routine to reach 6-figures and free up more time & earn more



So I encourage you to get your ticket NOW if you want to build a predictably profitable coaching, consulting or practitioner business:

  • WITHOUT working longer hours;
  • learn how to quieten the itty bitty shitty committee;
  • learn how to price your programs for profit and to sell them over and over again
  • how to wear your CEO hat .....


During this interactive workshop-style day, we'll work together to:

  • discover how to price your genius - your superpower so that you are well paid for your work
  • uncover how to get off the Cash Flow Rollercoaster so you'll have predictable revenue stream
  • discover some sabotaging money beliefs that might be holding you back from earning a great income 
  • identify the #1 marketing asset you must have if you want to create a steady flow of clients without working harder
  • introduce you to a powerful technique (EFT or tapping) to help you move past your own money blocks
  • create your Revenue Roadmap for your stage of business growth that will leave you knowing exactly what activities to focus on daily so you can add $10K - $30K/month (or more)  to your business 




Then SHIFT is for you!

August 2 - September 1  $147

September 1 to Event $197

Includes Lunch, Coffee, Handouts


SHIFT is a full day, interactive, workshop style event with proven business building strategies combined with powerful mindset and energy shifts!



Money makes the world turn!  And yet, it conversations about MONEY bring up all kinds of negative emotions!  At SHIFT, you'll learn how to quieten that itty-bitty-shitty committee and make more money easily!  Join me and the other smart, savvy entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact in the world and have more freedom!


Ottawa September 21, 2018  Hilton Garden Inn Airport

August 1 - September 1  $147

September 1 to Event $197

Includes Lunch, Coffee, Handouts


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