A Mastery of mindset skills to elevate sales!

SHIFT your money; SHIFT your business; SHIFT your life!


Although marketing will drive customers to your door, only SALES will open that door!!!

During #SHIFT-Money, you'll: 

  • discover 6 BIG sales mistakes that are impacting your marketing, prospecting, and INCOME (and what to do instead without being salesy, pushy or sleazy) 
  • learn exact proven steps to 'shift' from desperately selling to authentically helping
  • take away tools & skills to REBOOT your money mindset
  • uncover how your personal relationship with money trickles into your business and WHY you need to heal it
  • identify the #1 Element for Success
  • how you CAN profit from your gifts & passion,and still feel authentic
  • learn the #1 tool you need to assist you with your sales
  • the secret as to why you can have awesome marketing but you still aren't making the money you want or have the impact you want
  • and, there will be some 'hot seat coaching' for a few participants!


Are you Ready to SHIFT

from 'under-earning' to 'unstoppable'?



  • you'll learn from someone who has truly 'walked in your shoes' and who understands where you are in your journey
  • you'll find out that you ARE NOT alone in your business journey as others step up to the microphone to share their stories
  • we ALL have issues around money (no matter what anyone tells you) and if you want to move your biz to the next level, then let's get these sabotaging money blocks out in the open, become aware of them, and discover how you can conquer them
  • you'll gain from the networking opportunities (and perhaps even find a new client)
  • perhaps you'll find a new supplier (there will be tons of sponsors - if you think you might want to be a sponsor - click here.
  • it will be the BEST day you've invested in yourself or your business -- I PROMISE!


You deserve to build a business you love!

October 20 -- Montreal at Hampton Inn, Dorval.

October 27 -- Kingston, Ambassador Hotel

November 17 --  Ottawa, Hilton Garden Inn Airport.

Registration: 8:30 am         Program: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Join 100+ other smart entrepreneurs for an outrageously fun day filled with networking, learning, sharing and tools that you can actually implement immediately!

And to be totally honest .... you need to learn these sales skills with me for 3 reasons:

  • Because I want a real relationship with you and the best way to do that is to give you proven strategies that you can use immediately.
  • Because I'm focused on results.  I love seeing people like you get the results you want (which means, I won't be wasting your time).
  • Because I know what I'm doing.  Over the last 30 years, I figured out how to simplify the hoards of business strategies out there & teach you the tools that work (there's no fluff with me).


Here's what attendees at Diana's other events said:

"Diana’s Prosper Event, was by far one of the best events I can’t the remember the last time I was in so much activity after a networking event. First of all, her content was for lack of a better word, “Amazing”.  It was exactly what an entrepreneur needed (not just wanted) to hear about how to be and sustain being successful at doing what they love.  So often the critical nut and bolts of what it takes, are glazed over or not presented in a way that is well received to understand and take action.  Diana presents best practices, critical components, knowledge, and her experience in a relevant, effective, palatable, understandable, and practical way.  Her delivery is gracious, authentic, not daunting in any way, and yet effective." (Silvana Sicoli, Real Estate Agent) 


PS.  In the spring, Diana will host SHIFT - Marketing! Dates coming soon!

SHIFT is all about shifting your business into high gear!


WHAT'S NEW THIS YEAR at my events....


  • official book signing when you purchase a copy of Diana's best-seller "SHIFT into RICH: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success"  (special event price $15 cash)


  • a portion of the proceeds to be donated KIVA (making micro loans to entrepreneurs globally)


  • new Master of Ceremonies -- Carl Richards - Kingston Radio Host, host of Momondays Kingston and creator of popular speaking program "Own the Platform"!