SHINE 2015

Shine Montreal 2015 was March 27th and what a day it was!!! Almost 100 women participated in a full day of learning, empowerment, brainstorming and action!  Pictures and testimonials to come shortly!!

Here's what a few of the women in attendance had to say about the day:

During the Day - participants

  • Discovered the power of CLARITY and why it is more important than strategy or resources
  • Identified their Revenue Generating Activities (RGA) 
  • Learned how the inner critic voice might be sabotaging their business decisions & how to change that.
  • Determined where to find 3-5 more hours per week to devote to your friends, family, hobby or charity
  • Applied the 3-D's (do, delegate, delete) to be more productive
  • Figured out if the action items on your 'To-Do List' are getting your closer to your dream lifestyle/biz
  • How to stop chasing Bright Shiny Objects (BSO syndrome is epidemic amongst entrepreneurs!)
  • Created goals & learned methods  to achieve them
  • Found out why setting goals (Desired Results) saves you time, money & energy
  • Learned why planning is the key to dispelling overwhelm, confusion & frustration and gaining the FREEDOM you desire
  • Heard -- Done is better than none (a Diana'ism)
  • Applied reverse engineering technique so that they weremoving forward towards their Desired Results
  • Discovered the biggest stepping stone to success ... is failure and it's okay!
  • Scheduled and implemented new success habits which easily move you forward
  • Identified a simple secret to having more free time - is a two letter word!
  • Applied the formula Clarity + Alignment + Action = Desired Results!


With more free time, more productive days and more inner wisdom .... you will be more prosperous and feel more fulfilled!  You will 'SHINE'!!


Did you know???

we have partnered with Soles4Souls Montreal as our selected charity.  

So save your shoes and bring along those you don't wear; that are too small; too high; too low so that you can help someone else!!