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What is the Achiever's Club?

It's an online, virtual MASTERMIND for savy coaches & consultants like you who want to build a predictably profitable business AND enjoy life!  The Achiever's Club is for those of you who are ready to double your business without doubling your stress!


On the surface, it's about sales & marketing -- creating the engine of your business!

But really? It’s about consciously designing a business -- a business you love {with a life to match}.

If you’re ready to get all the tools, technology, accountability and support you need to create your PERSONALIZED method of attracting amazing dream clients, building a profitable and sustainable business, and having insane amounts of fun doing it — THE ACHIEVER's CLUB is for you.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. All you have to do is take the next step.


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When I started working with Diana, I had lots of clients but wasn’t making the profit that I had hoped.  I was also working longer hours that I wanted.  By focusing my efforts on my ideal client and clarifying my marketing message, I was soon able to increase my company profits overall.    Julie Leduc, Accountant


Working with Diana has been the reason why I now have great clients who pay me well for my work.  Diana taught me that working by the hour wasn’t going to allow my business to grow in the long term so we created packages for my new clients and increased my fees.  Amazing!  Thanks Diana  Emily, bookkeeper





When I first met Diana, I didn’t really have a business – it was more like a hobby.  Diana not only showed me how to be an EXPERT but she believed in me. I’ll admit it, it was a slow process but today I have a real business.  By specializing and focusing on my niche,  I’m now a sought after speaker at national conferences.   Nathalie Pedicelli, Metamorphoses


I worked with Diana for less than 90-days; I got clear on my ideal client, my marketing message and my pricing and then doubled my revenue! Antonia Carboni, Bookkeeper




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Because you don't have to do it all alone.  All you have to do is to take the next step!


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Who is Diana Lidstone?    Diana is a best-selling author and business growth strategist who believes that making money doesn't have to be so complicated!  

After 30 years of entrepreneurship & building two businesses to 6-figures, she is passionate about helping women build predictably profitable businesses WITHOUT working long hard hours!  

Her Premium Signature Program, the Achiever's Club, helps women coaches and consultants double, triple or 10x their income while they design a business around their lifestyle!

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